What is TAVM?

The Key to Success

The world changes, the workplace evolves, and advances in every field come faster than ever. 

The Academy exists to assist all Veterinarian professionals in gaining access to exceptional continuing education experiences. As a non-profit entity our directive is to act as a gateway to help veterinarian professionals continue their education, grow professionally, and create an opportunity to network and collaborate successfully with professionals through out the industry.

The Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine (TAVM) was established in the 1951, we are the largest and the oldest regional association of veterinary professionals in Canada. With this longevity an immense wealth of knowledge, a vast network of professionals and cutting-edge lectures have been amassed over the years.

Now more than ever, statistics indicate employees are not pursuing job satisfaction — they are pursuing development opportunities.

We take the time to collect data from our veterinary community to understand the needs and goals of our industry professionals. We are a community that fosters positive relationships and personal and professional growth.

The world changes, the workplace evolves, and advances in every field come faster than ever. Does your work culture promote innovation?

A learning and development culture promotes growth, awareness, and an opportunity to focus on developing the strengths of your employees.

We all know competition for talent in the Veterinary realm is growing. Offering an employee development program as part of your perks and benefits is a great way to attract and retain the best and brightest candidates.

We realize training and development options are only good investments if they are effective and engaging.

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I joined the TAVM in January of 1976 after graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in May of 1975 and have been a continuous member ever since. The continuing education lectures were (still are) equivalent to the many other lectures that I have attended over the years but at a fraction of the cost. I have enjoyed meeting and talking to several of the many fine speakers that we have been blessed with for over forty years ... Speakers who have provided top quality lecture notes and who have been available to answer personal clinical questions privately if needed. A final comment must be made regarding the variety of fine food that is included with every lecture ... Well done and thank you.

Dr. Jerome Katchin
Former Member

I believe attending the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine CE program helps to keep me updated with the advances in medicine and surgery.

Dr. Sam Sadeghi

Learning new skills and ideas is a must in the ever-changing medical field!

Dr. Tina McGrath
Former Member

I consider myself fortunate that his profession and passion coincide. The opportunity for ongoing learning has always been important to me and I enjoy attending Toronto Academy lectures because it offers a chance to meet with colleagues, chat about the management of cases and advance my skills. I have chosen The Academy lecture series as one of the ways I am able to keep my skills at a high level.

Dr. Wayne Cole
Board Member

I feel that continuing education – staying current and new treatments, techniques and developing medicine – is vital to being able to provide appropriate veterinary care.

Dr. Enna Hughes
Board Member

I believe CE is important for the veterinary community because medicine and science are always advancing, improving, and changing. Through TAVM’s continuing education program, practitioners can stay on top of new developments, to ensure that their patients benefit from these innovations.

Dr. Chris Doherty