Internal Medicine, What's Your Diagnosis?

Internal Medicine: What is Your Diagnosis?

By Dr. Kirsten Prosser,¬†BVMS, Dip ACVIM Darby, a four-year old, female spayed, Standard Poodle, presented to the Internal Medicine service at the Mississauga-Oakville Veterinary Hospital (MOVEH) for further investigation of anorexia and weight loss of approximately two weeks duration. Referral blood work demonstrated mild hypoalbuminemia, mildly elevated alanine transaminase enzyme activity, mild hypocholesterolemia, marginal hyponatremia,… Continue reading Internal Medicine: What is Your Diagnosis?

What's Your Diagnosis?

What’s Your Diagnosis?

By Norm Nasser BSc DVM Wallie, a 7 year old male castrated Husky, was brought to the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital with a 2 day history of projectile vomiting. His owner reported that Wallie had a problem with chronic vomiting, doing so weekly for many years. It was confirmed with the owner that Wallie was… Continue reading What’s Your Diagnosis?